Commissioned work

In my everyday life as an illustrator, I have regular customer contact. Sometimes with museums, sometimes with theaters. Sometimes with advertising agencies, sometimes with industry. Mostly with publishers and now and then with private individuals. 

“What does an individually made illustration cost?” Is a frequently asked question. “It depends!” Is the answer. 

Here, at UMBRAMARIN, the decisive factor for the price is how complex my picture research is for the desired motif and how great the richness of detail in the illustration is. As in the handicraft, the number of working hours also plays a role in the price calculation at UMBRAMARIN. Commissioned work starts at € 500. 

The workflow for an automobile illustration, for example, looks like this: You provide me with meaningful, high-resolution photo material that allows me to precisely identify the specific details of the vehicle. If necessary, I also start my own image research. Then the work with pen and paper begins, the preliminary drawing, of which you get a preview. If this corresponds to your ideas, I start with the coloring, the classic way with watercolor and colored pencil. After the analog illustration has been scanned, small details may still need to be reworked on the computer. Your personal and unique art print will then be sent to you securely packaged by post.



A precise preliminary drawing with graphite is the beginning of every work. Hatching is already done in places.


The first layers of paint are applied with watercolor. In that way I keep working level by level.


The hand-illustrated original is ready. After the scan, subtleties are sometimes reworked on the computer.

Then the final art print is on its way to you in a sturdy shipping tube.